Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Tokyo Film Festival Awards - Nir Bergman

Sakura Grand Prize - Intimate Grammar

Director - Nir Bergman

The Israeli director is something of a TIFF veteran. He won the Grand Prix prize in 2002 for his film Broken Wings, the story of a family in turmoil after a bereavement . This time round he wins the center piece, for Intimate Grammar.

Intimate Grammar is set in Israel in the '60s, a traumatized post-war society that is in a state of aggressive reaction. For adolescent Aharon, this is not something he can become a part of, and so he, literally, stops growing up. An allegorical tale on the division between childhood and adulthood.

Bergman, a product of the Sam Spiegel Film School, is a major figure in Israeli television, manager of the Israeli channel 10 drama department. In the west he is known for his position as a writer on HBO's In Treatment. His film Broken Wings, along with its Tokyo success was also recognized at the Berlin, Palm Springs and Jerusalem festivals. This year he also directed a segment of the documentary, Sharon Amrani: Remember his Name, a tribute to fellow Israeli and Sam Spiegel graduate Amrani who tragically drowned in 2000.

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