Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FOCUS ON ASIA - Fukuoka International Film Festival

FOCUS ON ASIA 17 - 26 September, 2010

In its twentieth year the Focus On Asia film festival rolls into Fukuoka again this weekend. With films from all over Asia the line-up this year looks pretty good. The tickets are at the reasonable price of 1000yen (advance), so it's the perfect opportunity to check out some interesting, unusual films and enjoy the buzz of the festival, all within walking distance from Tenjin. Films in the running for the audience award are scheduled for the beginning of the festival. There is also a look back at some celebrated Japanese cinema, including Cannes 2007 Grands Prix winner The Mourning Forest / Mogari no Mori.

We will be there bringing you reports, reviews and interviews. Starting on the 17th with the opening ceremony and Dreamer 2009, the festival's opening film.


Samson and Delilah - 2009 - Australia Director - Warwick Thornton

The multiple award winning story of fifteen year old Aoboriginee, Samson and his grandmother's carer, Delilah. The pair lead a peaceful, isolated existence but when tragedy strikes, they turn their backs on their hometown and set off on the road. They find things aren't as easy as they expect in the city, but at least they are in love.

Winner of Best First Feature at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival and seven Australian Film Insititute awards.

Autumn Adagio / Fuwaku no Adaajyo - 2009 - Japan Director - Tsuki Inoue

The only Japanese film selected this year is the story of a god loving nun who upon reaching middle age meets three men and begins asking questions about herself and her life.

Twenty / Bist - 2009 - Iran Director - Abdolreza Kahani

Visiting a psychiatrist and feeling the pressure of his failing reception hall the stressed owner decides to pack it all in. Realising the effect it will have on the workers and their families he reconsiders, but is it too late?

Mundane History / Jao Nok Krajok - 2009 - Thaliand Director - Anocha Suwichakompong

A spiritual journey to recovery for a paralyzed boy in rehabilitation and his nurse. A moving, uplifting, dream-like film.

Seven Days In Heaven / Fuo Ho Qi Ri - 2009 - Taiwan Director - Wang Yulin & Essay Lui

After her father's sudden death a business woman living in the big city of Taipei returns to her countryside hometown for the funeral. Unused to the rural way of life she looks down her nose at what she left behind.

The award ceremony is at 6.00pm on Wednesday 22nd of September at Elgala Hall in Tenjin. Tickets are only available in advance.

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